①for the first time in history more people live in towns than in the country. ②in britain this has had a curious result. ③while polls show britons rate “the countryside” alongside the royal family, shakespeare and the national health service (nhs) as what makes them proudest of their country, this has limited political support.
①a century ago octavia hill launched the national trust not to rescue stylish houses but to save “the beauty of natural places for everyone forever.” ②it was specifically to provide city dwellers with spaces for leisure where they could experience “a refreshing air.” ③hill’s pressure later led to the creation of national parks and green belts. ④they don’t make countryside any more, and every year concrete consumes more of it. ⑤it needs constant guardianship.
①at the next election none of the big parties seem likely to endorse this sentiment. ②the conservatives’ planning reform explicitly gives rural development priority over conservation, even authorising “off-plan” building where local people might object. ③the concept of sustainable development has been defined as profitable. ④labour likewise wants to discontinue local planning where councils oppose development. ⑤the liberal democrats are silent. ⑥only ukip, sensing its chance, has sided with those pleading for a more considered approach to using green land. ⑦its campaign to protect rural england struck terror into many local conservative parties.
①the sensible place to build new houses, factories and offices is where people are, in cities and towns where infrastructure is in place. ②the london agents stirling ackroyd recently identified enough sites for half a million houses in the landon area alone, with no intrusion on green belt. ③what is true of london is even truer of the provinces.
村庄的新住所、工厂和单位显着大约建在人聚居的当地,乡镇的则要建在基础设备完善的当地。迩来,伦敦房地产中介公司“stirling ackroyd”在伦敦找出了满足多的缔造地址,这些当地可以缔造五十万套住所,且不会并吞美化带。假定在伦敦市都能如此,那么在其他省份就更能如此了。
①the idea that “housing crisis” equals “concreted meadows” is pure lobby talk. ②the issue is not the need for more houses but, as always, where to put them. ③under lobby pressure, george osborne favours rural new-build against urban renovation and renewal. ④he favours out-of-town shopping sites against high streets. ⑤this is not a free market but a biased one. ⑥rural towns and villages have grown and will always grow. ⑦they do so best where building sticks to their edges and respects their character. ⑧we do not ruin urban conservation areas. ⑨why ruin rural ones?
①development should be planned, not let rip. ②after the netherlands, britain is europe’s most crowded country. ③half a century of town and country planning has enabled it to retain an enviable rural coherence, while still permitting low-density urban living. ④there is no doubt of the alte
rnative—the corrupted landscapes of southern portugal, spain or ireland. ⑤avoiding this rather than promoting it should unite the left and right of the political spectrum.


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